Hello, Welcome to my online journal, where my thoughts and emotions are spoken. As well as prayers and bible verses. THIS IS A CHRISTIAN BLOG but all are welcomed. If you would like a specific PRAYER you may request one if you like I don’t mind praying for anyone.

I am not a judgmental Christian. You don’t have to believe what I believe. I won’t force my religion on anyone, and I will neither hide it. I want my life to be of use in this world. There are many different blogs so

Warning, if you don’t like what I write please click on that closed tab button. Watch the language please I have some underage followers.

  1.  rules: No mean spirits
  2. Please ask before rebloging
  3. No Talking about people in a negative way* I don’t like Gossip it is not classy to me. I don’t associate with people who do. I lead a drama free life. I don’t care what a person has done; going around talking about them to multiple people is very immature.