Hello fellow readers welcome to spokenwithtruthblog. This blog is a Christian based blog but all are welcome to read, comment and enjoy. Here the content is presented with encouragement,why? to uplift the spirit, heart, soul and mind.

On this blog there are poems, thoughts, quotes, bible verses, bible discussions and discussions about life, prayers, worship poems. Here each post is written with a purpose to give joy to the heart, encouragement, motivation and love.

The Lord gave us all a purpose and calling in life we just have to believe in his purpose and live in our calling. This blog is a place of safety to express emotion and struggles, life obstacles, miracles, blessings, and achievements so feel free to comment.

The Lord has blessed us with many gifts, mercy, peace, grace, love, joy , strength, so we should share those things with one another and teach each other. So here on this blog we discuss topics of motivation, self love, forgiveness, hope, faith, strength, love for others, and most of all the Lord Jesus and the written word of God.

So enjoy hopefully you will gain something positive from each post.

Also If you would like a specific PRAYER you may request one if you like I don’t mind Praying for anyone.

I am not a Judgemental Christian. You don’t have to believe what I believe. I won’t force my religion on anyone, and I will neither hide it. Below are some posts enjoy…

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