Helpful Book

This is not a book review

I have read some books of the most relatable poet’s in the world, Candice Louisa Daquin . No matter who you are or where you are from you can always connect to this women’s powerful talent of being a muse of poetry.

First of all Candice’s words always gives me comfort I find her poetry therapeutic. It expresses the depth of our emotions and how we see ourselves how we think and the way we treat each other.

Her poems always speak of passion, fear, transformation, rejection, depression, anxiety, love and so much more.  Reading her book Illusions of Existing gave me a comfort why? I think it is because she writes in a way that makes you feel understood, that you are not alone. I also read her book, PINCH THE LOCK, as I read this I thought that her poems are a reflection  of emotions we all feel and it feels like she snuck in our hearts and minds and found the thoughts and feelings we hide. Ha.

These books were not just something to read, they were very helpful to me. I didn’t write this as a book review I wrote this as a thank to the Author whom I call friend. Thank you for writing such greatness and being so open hearted and none judgemental. I would recommend this book and many of her other books to anyone because they are not only great reads but helpful in a comforting way.


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