Cards of life

Cards delt out the day I was born

My hand is not lucky

Life holds the ace of spades and the joker

I only have a jack and a few 8’s

Every trick is played and yet I lost

Foolish games I have to put away

Maturity settles in and I learned

No one wins at life because life always wins

The key is to live life not to play against it




5 thoughts on “Cards of life

  1. This doesn’t leave room for miracles, and miracles abound everyday. Four years ago I had a very bad stroke(clots) in a very bad place the doctor’s told my family. And they pray all night while they attempted to remove the clots from my brain through a tube they ran up from my groin and here I am today a walking talking recipient of God’s grace and miracles. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Wow I am happy you understood what this was about.
    It is very true this doesn’t leave room for miracles. This poem shows a person’s lack of faith. It speaks of people who believe that miracles don’t exist.

    I was watching a show and saw this one person who only believed you create your own fate. That miracles and blessings don’t exist. I was shocked how a person could not believe in God or miracles. So I wrote this poem.

    My family has gone through so much. My mother had 2 heart attacks she survived. She has a crack in her spine but by God she is able to still walk. My grandmother had two strokes and she is doing well now. So I believe in miracles and The Almighty God. It just blows my mind how some people don’t.

    But, my dear Miss, I am happy you made it and are ok. God kept you and that is a blessing. Blessings to you

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