What was said and done

Do you remember the last person you cursed out? Or for technical people I will say”Do you remember the last person you cursed, or cursed at? The person you called out their name in a negative way.

You may say “yes, they did me wrong, or they deserved it” But, did they deserve it? I mean was what you said to them appropriate choice of words? Regardless of what they did how you reacted, does it make it right?

The last person you gossiped about, you know that person you told all your friends was no good or a liar even? Do you think that it will not happen to you? I mean the “Gossiping”? Do you think that one day what you did or said won’t happen to you? Remember that life goes around and comes back around. So whatever you did or said to someone regardless of what they said or did.

Even if what they did was wrong or, what they said was wrong. It will come back to them. But, also what you did in return and what you said in return will come back on you too. Justify your actions all you want but two wrongs don’t make a right.

you get back what you gave

What goes around comes around

Or Karma whatever way you say it, it is real and true so choose your actions wisely because it will affect your life today,tomorrow, and forever

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