Sadness or negativity? #Discussion

I have read some very mean and insensitive things in my life. Some people have said that *those who are sad are negative and they can’t be around it because it is draining.*

How dare you be so insensitive and rude to someone with a mental illness that is not their fault? I heard  people say they are allergic to negativity, I ask them* are you allergic to life as well? Because, life comes with positive and negative situations that no one can escape*  Foolish people think that being sad is a choice others make, guess what? It isn’t, no one chooses to be sad it just happens due to the situations in life. Not everyone is able to go through something and have it not affect them. Anyone who is insensitive enough to believe otherwise must not have a heart.

Part of the reason people are sad is because others criticize them for being different. If someone is sad all the time why not do something to make them smile? Why don’t you give them some encouragement instead of pushing them away?

It could be your smile or kind words that saves someone from suicide. A hug or even just a simple hello, could be all they need to give them hope. Having this blog as a platform I want to use it as a way to share love and care. I believe that even one word could change someone’s life for the better. So please do something nice say something nice for, to or about someone. Words and or actions have a lot of power so use it for good.

Say what you think or feel

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