I fully surrender

I am not perfect but I am loved perfectly without fail. How can I say I love you and not treat you with the love you deserve? Attention and compassion you share with me without hesitation. But, I don’t return the favor you give to me.

I am not blaming the world for my wrong. I made a choice to do wrong. I made a choice to do those things that you said not to do. Who I was did not align with who I said I was. Living a lie doing things that hurt me and others.

I caused my affliction I made myself cry. I brought burdens upon myself. I lived my way and lived by my words. But, now I want to live for you and I want to live by your will.

God, forgive me of my wrong doings. Create in me a new heart. I change my mind from wanting to choose to do wrong. I want to do right and be a better person. I know my father is God and I know my Lord is Jesus.

I surrender my life,soul,heart,mind,and body to you. I am your child I belong to you. I love you come into my heart, come into my life I make you my Lord and savor



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