Prayer for us all#prayers

Father hold of the hand of the lost and guide their way. Make a way for those who have no way on their own.

Father breathe your peace into the chaotic minds. Fix what is wrong and hover over what is right in their lives. Father keep your children upheld in life.

Father hold onto the broken and mend the shattered souls. For the weary make them new, let them know they are not forgotten neither neglected.

Father walk with the ones who suffer in the valley. Provide protection and watch over them in the night.

Father I believe you can heal and I know you will. Heal them all carry the burdens of those who fall. Stand with those who are falsely accused. Be with the ones trying to do right and resist temptations.

Father dwell in the midst of every marriage be the tie connecting their bond. Father give hope to one’s worrying take away all their anxiety.

Give strength to the weak and wisdom to the foolish. Forgive us all and destroy all the wickedness out of our paths.

In your name Jesus I pray Amen


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