Encouragement for the soul

Earth gained a blessing when you were born. This world became a place of wonder once your existence was known to time

Let nothing or anyone make you feel as though you are not deserving of love or appreciation. Because, you are deserving of all good things

Who you are is a living miracle made up of blessings that were tried through fire and built strong from storms.

What you are is purpose that will continue to grow into a marvelous destiny.

Your mind is full of power so don’t  doubt your ability. Your heart is filled with drive and love you are capable of all of success and love. Your body is perfect as it is no matter what imperfections you see.

With pain and or healing you are going to be ok and thrive just believe. It doesn’t matter what people gave called you or spoke about you. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe, what matters most is that God loves you and he made no mistake in creating you.

So hold your head up high and keep on living and trying.



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