What are you going through

We as people need to ask God what kind of situation are we in. So that we can know how to get through it.

Are you going through a situation like Jesus did? Where you can’t pray away your cup you have to pray your way through it?

Are you in a situation like Solomon, who got with women and he started worshiping other God’s., did you get with the wrong person and it changed you in a bad way?

Are you like Jacob fighting for a blessings that you think you deserve?

Are you like Joseph you told everyone what God showed you now everyone is in your business and it’s causing you trouble?

Are you like Moses, allowing people to disturb your inner peace and then you do something you shouldn’t do such as disobey God?

Or are you like Abraham still around the same people God told you not to be around and it has blocked your blessing?

Once you learn your situation you’ll know how and what to do to get through it. Just pray and ask God for help and guidence.



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