A man’s strength is stronger than the storm of his life

At night as the weight of a man’s  responsibilities are heavy on his mind it is the love in his heart that gives him the will to work hard to take care of those around him and all his responsibilities,

the storm of life may be strong but the  inner strength of a man’s heart is  strong enough to handle all of his responsibilities

As the evening sun begins to set and time runs out for him to find the answer to fix all his situations the determination of a man’s mind is stronger than any problem he faces

No matter what comes or who goes his heart might break but not the strength of his soul sorrows may effect a man’s way but in a positive way if he loses it all when he falls he knows how to get up and build his life up again

No matter what accurse in life a man’s will inside is strong enough to endure in life

Dear Lord, may you keep the strength, hope and love inside of man’s mind and heart lifted up in your hands.


The Lord will lead the way

We often don’t know where to go after a situation begins or ends, but there is always a way for you find where God wants you to be and what he wants you to do. Never think he has forgotten you. Neither believe that your life is not going anywhere because that is not true.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

In the experience of love

 I know now the meaning of care through the love you share that is sweet as wine gentle like the moonlight beautiful painting that has come alive in my life. I am always covered in affection never lonely for you keep me falling in your love with you. 

Your love, loves deep

People have come and gone but you have always been constant. And for that I thank you and know now I have a loyal friend in you, the love from your soul is a steady heartbeat

Your love is timeless

Strong enough to carry me through the roughest moment lifting me up with your smile, Loving enough to care about my every smile and tear if things go wrong you don’t panic but you bring a peace and Show me a better way of doing things.

Your love is limitless

There is nothing quite like Giving and sharing in the experience of love

Sunday encouragement

Psalm 31:24 (24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.)

 My poem of encouragement

To the empty halls of your heart I can see inside your eyes where the true you stands and I found wat one day your walls will be filled with new picture frames filled with memories of joy so don’t give up hope now

Dear lonely in your heart is a love that beats that never changes or dies, soon you will have company that will not leave you but will give you the love you desire

To the insecure I want you to know there is beauty in your soul that pours out when you are around, and the day will come when you will recognize your beauty 

To you who feels unworthy undeserving, you are worthy of all good things and you will gain and obtain goodness in due to time

We all have felt or feel negative in our minds but even though we do or have, it is important to stay in light even while darkness covers the sky.

So here is some encouragement some love for your soul, hold your head up high and know that God has a beautiful plan for you his child


How I answer

Can you see him?

No, but I can feel his presence

Can you touch him?

No, but I can hear him

Is he alive or dead?

He is living

Where is he?

He is in heaven but he is not human he is a spiritual being that can be everywhere at once. He goes everywhere I go and he is everywhere that everyone who believes him is

Is he good?


If that is true, why does he allow bad things to happen?

Because, he made us humans with free will to do whatever we want, good and or bad. To follow him or not to follow him. He is a gentleman he forces himself on no one

I still don’t see how you can serve a God that you can’t scientifically prove is real

Call me crazy for being believing in a God you cannot see. But, in him my faith will always believe.


For the same reason you choose not to believe in him Because we were given free will to do what we want to do



Witness of your love

Holding onto me in times when I was disobedient

Holding onto my heart in moments when it was broke

As your hands held me within their grasp

I knew then that you’re real you are a true friend

And so I live on I will always be a witness of your faithful love

Our bond goes deeper than words can express

This love that we share is more than The words “I love you”

It is so deep that you died for me and rose for me

And I will die without you I don’t want to be without you

It is who you are,  it is how you are always the same

You never change never turn me away

Here and there, now and later, today and tomorrow

I will always be a witness to your unselfish love

Dear Lord each day I live in see your glory do wonders

And it keeps me in hope, in trust, in love with you

So forever and eternity I will always be a witness to

Your powerful love

His hope and strength

He has known and seen many good ans bad things, he has met true and unreal friends. Faced  the most frightening and yet he is still full of strength without being tired

hurt and down in his his soul he once was but he found a light that shines bright without burning out lifting up his spirit 

hope is his closest and strongest tie to God and this man knows that the hand and love of the Lord are forever with him, always over him giving him joy and peace of mind

And these experiences of life have turned him from a boy of doubt and distrust into a man of faith and hope now his incredible heart of strength knows that pain may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning 

When he calls I answer

Inside of me to go my own way or follow my father’s will. My heart is full of deceiving feelings that lead me astray. Things of the world that satisfy but they come along with guilt.

But, In the distance is a pure none deceiving love, I hear it call from a still voice filled with care reaching out to me and all I know to answer is Yes Lord

I am covered in sinful skin that pleads the urge of physical, material pleasures and treasures that only last in time but run out of value with time leaving me incomplete

Then I look and see from the hills something that completes me and satisfies my soul, I hear the voice of calming joy and I answer, Yes Lord.

The beautiful voice that sounds like many waters, is the God above. The morning and evening light he is my soul’s  delight.

And It is Love inside of me that no matter where I go, no matter what I do. When he calls my name I always answer, Yes Lord.