Just be who you are

In life we change constantly progressing into a more mature and better self. It is easy to get caught up in being like the person next to looking like the person beside you. But, the most important thing is that you must know you are not neither were you born a doppelganger of another person, you are the only you.

Yes, someone else maybe smarter someone could be taller more talented at something that you are not good at, but it does not mean you are not good. Just because someone else looks more fit or smaller does mean you as the size you are is not beautiful. You are perfect as you are because one you are you and two you were made by God hands and God makes no mistakes.

You may not have the career you always wanted or the education you wanted, but that does not mean your life is worthless or meaningless. Everyone is important each life means something. Just because you don’t have the career of a doctor or lawyer does not mean you aren’t making a positive impact on the world.

Because, you could be in a supermarket and help someone get something or find something and that may be the one thing to change their life in a positive way. Yes, it is true the smallest things have a big impact. There is greatness in you there is greatness about you never forget that.

You don’t have to be someone else you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not. Just be yourself and good things will come to you and the shallow things and people will fade away, but the honest pure and good ones will come and stay.

So do not beat yourself up about what you see as a flaw in yourself, but instead be comfortable with being imperfect and be confident in your imperfections.


Be better


Romans 12:14-16 (Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.)

This world is full of hate, malice, anger, bitterness. But, you can be one to change one room or one heart, By giving love and respect to others. If you are good to people someone will see. Maybe in them seeing your heart of good, it will make them want to be the same, and change their ways. Sometimes all a person needs is love someone to care. That alone can make a person better.

Being a loving person does not mean allowing people to run all over you. It means that you know evil for evil wrong for wrong does you no good. But, being good to others and doing good in spite of being done wrong. It shows your good heart your love for God, your maturity.

Give love in all you do love the Lord. Relieve his love and give love to others.

God created love gives love and wants you to do the same

He loves you too….

Discaimer i cant speak for God but I know he loves us all. So here is a reminder of his love for you

In heaven i created you with love, in your mothers womb i made you for love. In and out of this world you carry within you the love i made that will forever love you

In my arms I hold you with love, in my heart I keep you surrounded in love. Day after day night after night no matter where you are remember you are carrdied with my love

When you smile also when you cry I see and feel your joy and pain. Nothing that happens to you or for you goes unseen by me. Though you may not understand, neither know the way my hands will go but trust and know that in my hands you are saved by my love

So to all my children in the land remember I love you…

To have faith to have hope….

To hope is to have courage through the roughest moments

To have faith is to have strength in every moment

It isn’t easy, it isn’t fun always but faith and hope bring forth goodness

While doubt is giving into fear and giving into fear is giving up

And when you give up, you’ll never obtain anything except loss of the possible and future blessings.

Prayer for you

There is a worried mind everywhere hoping and praying for a miracle to exist. Looking and searching for the cure of their troubles I don’t know who you are but my prayer for you is this…

Dear Lord up high above send peace to the worried mind, give them comfort in your hands while their faith is tried. May you guide them the way they should go to obtain victory in life. Amen

A hurting heart is in every room hiding behind the laugh are teary eyes. Longing for a healing to all of their sorrows and fears. Searching in everyone they meet for a hand to hold to get through the painful night. I don’t know who you are but my I pray for you….

Dear Lord who lives in heaven, may you send your graceful spirits to the hurting heart. Give them comfort and reassurance that everything will be alright, carry their fears and uplift them in your love. Amen


Womb twin

There are times i feel empty like i am missing a piece of me,
I have momrnts of wondering why do i exist, why did God allow me to live?
Mother told me that you didn’t make it and it was hard on her to deal with.
Having me but my other half she didn’t have any more
Some may not believe it but  it  is not just  mood swings, it  isnt just me feeling empty,
It’s you that i feel, it’s you that  i think about.. Was it  my fault? I feel bad that  on our day mother only gets to see one of the two that she once carried.
Im not sure why but i just felt like saying it out loud that you’re not  just a was you still are apart of me.
Im a Womb twin survivor

it’s not imaginary

Encouraging reminder

Micah 7:7-8

(Therefore I will look to the Lord;
I will wait for the God of my salvation;
My God will hear me.


In every area of your life always hold fast to your faith and know that God is the salvation of your life. Know that he will and does hear you when you cry,, when you pray, when you hurt, when you smile, when you laugh, when you are happy. Just wait for him to move because he will do it but at the right time at the appropriate time he will move for you.

And for anyone who doubts your redemption, your healing, your blessing nd or miracle. Just let them know as the bible says in

Micah 7:8 Do not rejoice over me, my enemy;
When I fall, I will arise;
When I sit in darkness,
The Lord will be a light to me.)