You are heard

Psalm 34:17

(The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them
    he delivers them from all their troubles.)

Remember the Lord hears you always and your healing, deliverance, blessing is coming soon stay in faith and never stop believing



Self prayer

Lord I thank you I bless your Jesus for you are worthy

Lord I lift my hands to heaven to relieve your glory. I look to you for help and seek your will to be done to me

Father I put the needs and wants of my life in your hands for I know you can and will provide.

Father I know your word and I believe in your word. So I speak peace to the trouble healing to the pain. I speak joy into the sorrow. I speak hope

Lord I trust you and I know you are able to do all things. You didn’t bring me this far in life to let me go now. I will continue to worship your name and put my love and hope in you

Jesus name Amen

There is a love

Fairtales do not exist

But, true love is not a myth

You do not have to go through life lonely

In the moments you cry there is a love that can make you smile

In the days you grow tired there is a love to give you strength

In the hours you do not know what to do there is love that will guide you right

The love of Christ is not a love that causes pain but relieves every ache

So hold onto the one who loves you more than himself

For in the Lord you are loved and worthy to be loved

And if it is his will he will give you genuine people in your life to love you through


Love is the offering of my heart

Take it with care and never depart from it

For my love is a shield and my love is a guide

And it will always be what you need and what you want

For with love I made you and with love I saved and by love you are mine

So take my love and remember in all of yours good or bad

You are loved by your God



Hated for doing right

Mistreated for teaching love

Still in your persecution I was your priority 

Called a liar, not seen as a king 

Treated like you were a false man

But, even when you were brought low I was still your priority 

Sought to be killed you became filled with grief 

cried out to your father for mercy yet you thought of what was best for me and said let your will be done

Found guilty of a charge that should have been mine

Beaten, spit on, laughed at, placed with a crown of thorns on your head all the while bleeding out as you walked carrying a cross all for me

Even in your pain I was your priority 

Nailed to a cross by your hands and your feet

They stretched your body til your arms were out of place 

Pierced in your side they laughed while you said father why has thou forsaken me?

And still you Said aloud in truth spoken with grace

Crying out with forgiveness in you saying father forgive them for they know not what they do

Even on the cross I was your priority 

That is why in my suffering, in my pain, in my hard times I will keep praising you jesus as my priority 

Because, you did for me something I was not worthy of. So no matter what I gain or loose, praising you jesus is and will always be my priority 


Just telling you how I feel

Feathered in your love

Clothed in the pleasure of your care

you cover my heart in a way nothing else is able

The deepest of emotion seeps father than the ocean

I am in great love with you heavenly father

Dreams of better have become my now

And the yesterday is a lesson that gave me the greatest blessing ( you)

The troubles I look no more as my worst moments but instead as my greatest moments because that is when you came to me

So dear heavenly father I just wrote this to express the way my heart feels about you



Illness is not a excuse to be rude

Starting this off I will say I have anxiety depression and OCD also scoliosis. But, these are not excuses to be mean negative, or hurtful to others. Just because I am anxious does not give me the right to say negative things to others about their lives or situations. Or to put negative thoughts in their minds. If I am sad it does mean for me to not be happy for someone else who has something good happening for themselves. Even in my sadness I still believe you ought to be happy for other people in their joy do not make someone else feel bad for doing well when you are not. It is ok for someone to have compassion for you in your sad moments for whatever it is you are going through but wanting them to be sad with you is not fare to them.

And in my physical pain it is wrong for me to take my frustration out on others. My being in pain is not their fault and they do not deserve to be treated harsh just because my pain has me irritated.

So if you have a mental illness or a physical illness it does not give you the right to treat people bad. And it is no excuse for you to be rude or as some people say “just being honest or telling it like it is. No. You need to be just as respectful and compassionate to others as you want them to be to you.

Do not think you can say something rude to people. That is not ok to do no matter your age gender sick or healthy you need to be respectful when you are communicating and interacting with others. It is not right to tell people what not to say to you because you have a certain illness and then you can say whatever you want to say to people no respect goes both ways. You cannot be cruel with your words and  actins then be sensitive to what people say or do to you. All in all I believe that we as people need to be more kind and respectful of one another.

Don’t condemn but love and forgive

Luke 6:37

Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

One thing we as people do not like to do is look at our wrong instead of pointing out the wrong that others have done. But, how can you see the wrong in another and not acknowledge the wrong in You? It does not matter what others have done because that does not justify the wrong in you niether is another people’s actions a reason for you to be judgemental. It is true that you cannot change anyone except yourself so before you go around trying to speak on another person you should look at yourself first. Because, every person is flawed and has done and said wrong so who you are you to condemn another? The judging is God’s job your job is to Love, forgive and encourage one another also to teach one another right from wrong not chastise each other. 

A better way of saying it is, How can you ask God to bless you and forgive you when you don’t do either for others?