Help them

There is a story waiting for you to unhide The memories of what use to be now are wanting To be set free, loose the heart that is that locked in stone Open the mind that is closed, release the person Kept behind the doors of " I'm ok" Be there for someone Help them … Continue reading Help them


Children eyes

Innocent eyes open to find only the pleasure of joy Not focusing on the danger or difficulties love is full of Innocent eyes searching for pure excitement experiencing the unknown Children are innocent yet wise adults should learn from their innocent wisdom. Live and love wisely but bold

Brown eyes

  Pressing against the shore of my heart  your pure waters caress the sand of desert land in me. You are like the sun melting across the sky of my life  Just as a candle held above creating a beautiful fluorescent light.  Blues have faded away with every day I spend with you My sorrows … Continue reading Brown eyes