There are demonic forces everywhere most people don't like to talk about it others don't believe it. But, one thing about evil is that whether or not you believe in it, evil believes in you. It will try you tempt you seek you and want to you. So you must stay in prayer at all … Continue reading Prayer


Prayer for the man

Lord give courage to the man trying withstand the hearkbreak. Give him love unconditional that hands the broken pieces in his soul. Lord guide him in the right way teach him to do the right things. Lord give him a helping hand to carry the burdens. For every man trying to be the rock for … Continue reading Prayer for the man


Guide their every footstep Keep them focused on you Lead your children's heart so they won’t be mislead Shield their life that no harm comes near Cover them all in your blood that they are forever saved Dear Lord keep us all In Jesus name Amen